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The 203 Content Rich Pages Inside this Guide are Filled with 750 TOTALLY NEW FREE Resources on the following categories:


  Tools to Get Organized
  Productivity Boosters
  Web 2.0 Resources
  Mobile Phone Resources
  Email Tools
  Virtual Office Tools
  Photo & Graphic Resources
  Video Resources
  Audio Tools
  Web Development Tools
  Storage & File Sending Resources
  Travel Resources

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The Ultimate Resource  for ALL Internet Users!


When I asked my team to research websites to include inside this guide, I gave them one critical criteria to base their search on... 




It took them 3 months of work searching for every single MINDBLOWING resource they could find... they provided me with close to 1000 websites that I reviewed myself one by one until we ended up with the 750 most useful "underground" websites of the Internet.


That's why I can say with all confidence that this is the ULTIMATE guide for ALL Internet Users no matter if you're an Internet Rookie or a seasoned Pro, you'll love to see the resources included in this useful guide!


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The effort of putting together this book was HUGE! 


5 people were working round the clock doing research, checking websites, editing, designing, re-editing and numerous other tasks for 92 days to finish this book!


Everyone was aware that this book was NOT going to be for sale but it was going to be given away for FREE in an effort to create Internet Literacy in the World!


We believe that EVERY Internet User will benefit from the content in this book and as our goal is to create Internet Literacy in the World, we decided to  make it as easily available as possible and the best way to do that is offer it for free!


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